Team Earl

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Get to know the team

Which area of the country are you most looking forward to and why?

Martin: Lerwick – take-off and landing at the airport often tops high end roller coaster rides.

Elfed: Hull – the locals are friendly and they know how to party.

Rob: Lerwick – I like going abroad.

What did you learn or remember from doing your DofE award?

David: Yes – bronze only. I then got a paper round and didn’t have time to do silver and gold. I have a strong memory of eating almost raw bacon and watery mashed potato on our expedition!

What strength do you bring to the team?

Penrose: Ego management (there are a lot of silverbacks undertaking this challenge), stamina, and the will to win even if the odds are stacked against us.

Rob: Best dressed.

Simon: I suggest you ask the others when we have completed the challenge – but it is unlikely to be deep breathing

David: Too many to list, so let’s just go with modesty. Competitive spirit might just make it onto the list, too. 

Martin: Age and experience will always beat youth and enthusiasm. 

The Diamond Challenge is all about getting people to go out of their comfort zone – how do you think this challenge will do that for you? 

Penrose: Film-making: currently beyond me.

Simon: My comfort zone comprises opera and red wine – I’m not certain either are going to be in great supply during this challenge.

David: Spending four days and three nights with management colleagues, all of whom will think their idea is the best one. Trust me, that is no comfort zone!

If you could leave us with a quote or comment...

Penrose: Are you ready Team Duke?

David: It’s the taking part that counts.

Elfed: Somebody is bound to get lost or left behind.

Rob: Are we there yet?

Martin: It's normally about the journey, rather than the destination. Not this time!

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