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Meet Team Duke RSMfoDofE

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Get to know the team

Which area of the country are you most looking forward to and why?

Alan: Scotland, where the sun will be shining.

Mark: Aberdeen - I've never been (did I tell you about my poetry skills?).

Robert: Essex - never been but want to see if it is just like on TV.

What did you learn or remember from doing your DofE award?

Robert: I achieved a silver award and on the adventure, or expedition as it was called in my day, I remember on the three-day hike being wet, cold and the Scottish midges getting on and in everything. Excellent fun though, great teamwork and a real sense of accomplishment.

Kevin: I haven't but my children have done it and it was a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone. 

What strength do you bring to the team?

Simon: Youth, team working and (a highly developed degree of) sarcasm.

Graham: A cool, clear, shiny head (before the whiskey).

Robert: Looks.

Nigel: Diversity.

Mark: Encyclopedic knowledge of the football grounds of England if we need signposts along the route. I don’t know my Arbroath from my Alloa though, so I’ll be of no use north of Hadrian’s Wall.

The Diamond Challenge is all about getting people to go out of their comfort zone – how do you think this challenge will do that for you? 

Robert: Trying to fit into my DofE t-shirt has taken me to new levels of discomfort, it is never an XL.

Alan: Depends on whether we intend to arrive at any of the offices on horseback.

Graham: Excluding sharing transport with the rest of my team for 80 hours and limited access to my blackberry. I am hoping some of the transport we sure will present new and challenging opportunities to try something that I have never done before or would have chosen to do.

Offices to visit 

Aberdeen   Birmingham   Brentwood Bury St Edmunds 
Chelmsford       Edinburgh   Farringdon Street     Finsbury Circus 
Glasgow   Newcastle   Nottingham Preston 
Reading   Southampton       Stoke Swindon 
Telford   Whitehaven