NLT 80 Hour challenge

All 18 members of the national leadership team (NLT) have been allocated to one of two teams: Team Duke or Team Earl. In a nod to the classic Phileas Fogg tale, the teams' adventures will start and finish at The Reform Club in Pall Mall. 

They'll have just 80 hours to visit as many RSM offices as they can, from 8am on Monday 12 September until 4pm on Thursday 15 September. Plus they'll have some extra tasks to make it a proper challenge, and an interesting journey to follow along the way! 


The adventure, the challenge and the team development skill

The NLT's trip is their adventure and the number of modes of transport used will form their development challenges. 

There is also a competitive element, tied to the theme of The power of being understood. At every office, each NLT team will collect the letters of the words in our brand promise. They'll also earn one filler word (the, of) for every five modes of transport used. 

The teams will learn film-making for their new skill so that they can capture their progress and share it online. 

Meet the teams