Let's get digital and the palace to palace challenge

The team

The ‘let's get digital’ team is comprised of six digital communications team members; Alex Kirby, Irum Sultana, Jess Churchward, Nisha Ram, Rachael Reid and Sita Morar.
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Challenge updates

April - a cunningly royal plan


Chocolate-making class

Team development 

Go Ape - tree top adventure


We will be walking, cycling and rowing the 26.2-mile-distance from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace in our crazy ‘palace to palace tri-challenge adventure’. And what an adventure it will be!

April – a cunningly royal plan

There has been a hubbub of DofE activity within the let's get digital team  since the beginning of April. Random discussion topics have ranged from which Corgi-shaped cuddly toy is best for the team's mascot, to how effective crown-shaped sunglasses would be as part of our selfie social media strategy.

These conversations are an integral part of our preparation, although it could also be that we are procrastinating to avoid the harsh reality that in August we will walk the equivalent of a marathon distance. That's right – a whopping 26.2 miles. 

Some of the team are busy planning the details of the route – walking, cycling and rowing included. The general consensus is to minimise the rowing as this would appear to be the most physically exerting, although it has emerged that one of our team was previously an active member of a highly prestigious rowing club. We are firming up the exact route, along with the skill and team development aspects within the next month or so.

In other news, a rather helpful tip has come from a member of a rival team. This advice relates to thin-skin socks – socks that have two skin-tight layers. Allegedly this will rescue us from dreaded blisters and keep our toe nails intact, which is music to the ears of an all-female and well pedicured team! Our source will remain nameless out of respect for healthy competition.

In summary, there is extensive plotting required within the coming months to ensure our strategy reaches masterpiece standard. Stay tuned for more blog posts on our cunning royal plans.