If you'd like to talk about any issues or questions that are not covered in our FAQs, feel free to contact a member of the Tracker support team.

Q: How long does it take for my business to have access to Tracker?
A: Once we've received your order form, the Tracker support team can set up your account within one working day. 

Q: Do you have a dedicated support team who can answer any questions and provide training?
A: We have a team, based in Brentwood, Essex, which is a centre of excellence for insolvency-related issues. Our team is on hand both to resolve any questions and to provide online training.

Q: Can it be used by all organisations?
A: Yes, Tracker is a product that all businesses can use, whether they're in the private, professional or public sectors. It is a portfolio management tool which helps all business owners manage risks and avoid bad debts, as well as target new business.

Q: Can I review my clients, suppliers and competitors' credit scores using Tracker?
A: Yes. Tracker has the ability to show up-to-date credit scores but the system also lists credit histories, allowing you to review historical credit scores over previous years.

Q: How many users can use Tracker under your basic package?
A: Our basic package allows up to four users to have access to Tracker.

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