With over 25 years’ experience in recovery and insolvency, Robert provides restructuring support throughout the RSM group. Robert is a senior partner within Baker Tilly Creditor Services LLP (BTCS) and driver behind several strategic initiatives, including highly innovative online services. He has broad experience of working with clients across all industries, and able to offer particular expertise supporting large organisations with multiple debts, such as banks and utilities.

Robert is currently manager of c.50 financial professionals delivering cost-effective restructuring support, from brand-friendly debt collection through to financial risk analysis and IVA/insolvency claim management. Robert is interested in pioneering IT developments, and the promotion of industry-wide initiatives to benefit creditors.

Robert has extensive experience with representation at meetings of Creditors, personal insolvency and contentious collections. 

He is also responsible for the development of leading process and IT innovations designed to lower costs and raise creditor returns. These include Tracker (sophisticated real-time financial risk control); Dividend Watch (comprehensive claims management with custom live Management Information); Sharesite (large-scale secure live data exchange); and Portfolio Risk Manager (ultimate business risk control with fully customisable Red-Amber-Green email alerts).