RSM welcomes new HMRC service for mid-sized businesses

Responding to the news that HMRC has launched a new tax support service for mid-sized businesses, George Bull, senior tax partner at RSM said:

‘Middle market businesses have not been well served by HMRC in the past. Indeed, previous research from HMRC found that mid-sized businesses were less likely to be positive about their interaction with the taxman than other business customers.

‘Whereas the largest businesses have had dedicated account managers to oversee communications and resolve problems, mid-sized businesses with complex tax affairs have not had the same level of support.

‘HMRC’s Growth Support Service is therefore a positive step in the right direction. It will help, for example, a growing business which is exporting for the first time to deal with the resulting tax complexities – something that could be very useful as more companies explore new markets post-Brexit. However, it would be preferable for this level of bespoke support to be available to mid-market firms at any stage in their life cycle.’