RSM responds to Scotland Food and Drink strategy

Responding to Scotland Food and Drink’s 2030 vision, Stuart McCallum, RSM’s head of food and drink team in Scotland, said:

‘Scotland Food and Drink’s new strategic plan for the sector builds on the momentum of the previous framework and sets out an ambitious roadmap focusing on key priorities such as people and skills, improving the supply chain and boosting innovation. In addition, it aims to increase the value of the industry to £30bn by 2030 through responsible, profitable growth.

‘This approach is good to see as Brand Scotland continues to drive activity and attract investment; which presents a growing opportunity to penetrate new markets in the UK and internationally. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, it could help to open up new markets and support greater internationalisation; and additional support at this time will be welcome news to the sector.

‘As the market increases so too does the competition and we expect to see technology playing a greater role in the strategic growth of Scottish food and drink businesses. Product innovation, improve productivity and using customer data to make informed decisions will help Scotland to compete on a global stage.

‘Investment will continue to be a key theme of progress, and taking a more strategic direction in terms of accessing funding is needed to improve the chance of success. The investment landscape is varied and can be complex, so streamlining the process and getting the right mix is fundamental to supporting growth requirements effectively.

‘Scotland is in a unique position. It has a strong rural pedigree, innovative food and drink manufacturers and growing hospitality and tourism sectors, and this synergy will support sustainable growth. However, continued collaboration between each sector is key to maximising opportunities and navigating any future challenges.’

James Withers, Chief Executive at Scotland Food & Drink, said:

‘Our new strategy, Ambition 2030, sets out a bold future direction for the industry. The in-depth conversations that have taken place across Scotland have ensured that all key stakeholders have had the chance to be involved with their views taken into account accordingly. RSM has been actively supporting these conversations over the last six months and has brought their valuable insight and perspectives from Scotland, the wider UK and international markets.’