RSM launches Global Trade Beyond Brexit roadshow

Today leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM launched its latest round of seminars to UK middle market businesses entitled Global Trade Beyond Brexit.

The seminars are hosted by Simon Hart, RSM’s lead Brexit partner and Joe Brusuelas, RSM US chief economist. They will spend this week and next presenting the current and future global and domestic economic climate, the implications for the UK middle-market and what businesses should be thinking about in order to prepare for Brexit and the wider economic and geo-political headwinds.

A range of issues are being covered, including:

  • future tariffs and the US/China trade spat;
  • the UK implications of the European debt crisis;
  • rise of populist politics across Europe and what this could mean for UK business;
  • global growth projections and the UK’s relative future performance;
  • future cross-border trade dynamics and the issues for businesses when identifying future trade partners; and
  • future risks facing businesses – including climate change, rising wealth disparity and cyber dependency.

Simon Hart comments: ‘Our seminars will put into context the macro economic factors that may start to have a bearing on how markets are affected over the coming months and beyond. The uncertainty businesses still face is weighing heavily on middle market firms. Medium and longer-term decision-making during continued uncertainty is proving to be a major challenge. Whilst middle-market firms can afford to be more fleet-of-foot than larger institutional business, there are a number of factors businesses of all sizes with direct or indirect exposure to overseas markets need to be taking into account to ensure a smooth transition.’

The roadshow started in Aberdeen today (26 June) and ends at RSM’s headquarters in London next Tuesday (2 July) having presented to business leaders in Glasgow (26 June), at the BABC in Birmingham (27 June), Bristol (28 June), Warrington (1 July) and in Newcastle (1 July).

For further information visit our Brexit pages or twitter page

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