RSM comments on the final decision on airport expansion

Andy Murray, partner at RSM, said:

‘Expanding Heathrow Airport will be technically and logistically one of the most difficult projects UK will deliver over the next decade or so.  The pro’s and con’s of choosing one option over the other are inherently ambiguous in terms of social and political impacts and therefore will never be settled through ever more detailed analysis.  That’s why it has vexed politicians for so long and why it has taken an act of leadership to resolve.

‘Uncertainty can have a negative impact on competitive advantage and in a time of few certainties, decisions around large scale infrastructure projects, such as airport expansion, will be welcome news to many businesses in the UK and internationally - bringing greater clarity to inform commercial decisions. 

‘Regardless of your view for or against a new runway at Heathrow, the decision does mark a sustained period of decisive action from the Government following years of indecision. It will be interesting to see whether the same leadership is applied to other infrastructure decisions required to deliver key initiatives, such as the Northern Powerhouse.’