RSM comments on modern slavery convictions

Commenting on the outcome of the case in which two brothers were jailed for trafficking people from Poland and sending them to work at Sports Direct, Dan Maycock, Risk Assurance Director at RSM said:

‘This case has drawn attention to the reality of modern slavery in the UK and the police and prosecutors are to be commended for their efforts in bringing the perpetrators to justice. 

‘Businesses also have an important role to play in tackling the menace of modern slavery. Under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, companies must ensure they have adequate arrangements in place to prevent the use of illegal, trafficked or slave labour.  

‘Simple steps such as ensuring all staff have the right to work in the UK and have a written contract of employment, undertaking vetting of labour agencies and checking to see if there are common addresses or bank details can all help flag the possibility of trafficking and slavery. Failure to comply can also result in unlimited financial penalties.’