RSM choir all set for Channel Four's Packed Lunch with Steph McGovern

Today, members of RSM’s Leeds-based office choir will step out onto Channel Four’s new daytime chat show – Steph’s Packed Lunch, hosted by ex-BBC journalist Steph McGovern, live from Yorkshire.

Having caught the imagination of Steph McGovern and the show’s producers, partners Neil Sevitt and Stephen Green, accompanied by active members of the choir will appear from 1230 to talk through their experiences within the choir, and how it has contributed to the wellbeing of individuals taking part, and the collective group.

Lockdown and the wider pressures presented by Covid-19 have brought the issue of wellbeing into sharp focus, with some commentators calling it a ‘national emergency’.

Neil Sevitt, partner at RSM, comments: ‘This choir has really flourished in these challenges times. Perhaps not in a conventional way, but in a way that has certainly lifted the spirits of those eager to stay in touch and interact with friends and colleagues. So, we’re really looking forward to appearing on the show and to talk to Steph about how we’ve made it all work virtually.

‘RSM’s support for the choir is also testament to its commitment to the wellbeing of its people, and a national programme that stretches back way before anyone had even heard of Covid-19.’