Local professional support - September 2019

Document your gifting strategy while you can 
A recent judgement by The Court of Protection provides a timely reminder for everyone to take care of their lifetime giving and to document how they want their wealth to be disbursed.

Scottish farmer wins VAT appeal in the Supreme Court 
The Supreme Court has ruled that a Scottish farmer is entitled to recover more than £1m of VAT incurred on the purchase of more than £7m of EU farm subsidies - a decision which could prompt many other UK taxpayers to revisit VAT they’ve blocked on fundraising activities.

HMRC attempts to tackle VAT on credit notes (again)
If you make a mistake when calculating the VAT on your tax return, corrections are meant to be made within the four-year cap; however, many are making a credit or debit note instead which is not subject to a cap. To stop a perceived tax advantage for businesses, the government is set to change the law (again).

What do HMRC’s annual accounts tell us about the UK today?
HMRC has recently published its 300-page annual report which provides hints about the state of the UK economy and comes to some surprising conclusions.

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