Local professional support - September 2017

Catching the tax dodgers
The nation had the chance to follow HMRC cracking down on tax evaders in a Channel 4 documentary, but was this a fair representation of current enforcement or an out-of-date representation of HMRC’s modern investigation methods?

Tip of the iceberg for rental income tax evasion
The extent of potential under-declaration of tax in the London borough of Newham was uncovered recently, but is this an isolated incident or is it the tip of the iceberg for rental income tax evasion across the UK?

Unexpected tax bills for property 'flippers'?
With short-term property speculation running at its highest level since 2007, we question whether ‘flippers’ are giving enough thought to their tax bills.

Cutting IHT bills with the residence nil-band rate
For many families, their biggest exposure to inheritance tax, and their most important asset, is the family home. To help people reduce their inheritance tax bills, the new residence nil-rate band is being phased-in from 6 April 2017. We explain how to make the most of this relief.

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