Local professional support - October 2018

Top tax topics for the Autumn Budget 
Ahead of the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget, the party conference season and Brexit have put tax firmly back on the agenda.

Worst tax relief in the UK? Is entrepreneurs’ relief on the chopping block?
It seems an annual issue in recent years that a forthcoming Budget causes business owners to lose sleep over whether entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) will be reformed, particularly those involved in a transaction.  

Inconvenient truth: National Insurance U-turn saves self-employed £550 per year 
News that Class 2 National Insurance contributions (NIC) for the self-employed were not to be abolished after all was greeted with a mixture of derision and protest. 

Tribunal rules that a referee’s decision is final 
The referee's decision is final – so says law 5 of the rules of the sport. However much people scream abuse from the terrace or at the TV screen nothing can change the decision. While he or she is on the pitch the referee is answerable to nobody. 

Are you sleepwalking into a tax charge on your pension pot?
Exceeding your pension lifetime allowance (LTA) can be very costly, and for many it comes as a nasty surprise; but more and more people are facing a significant tax charge. Could complicated pension rules be tripping up individuals?

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