Local professional support - November 2018

Forget businesses, is HMRC ready for Making Tax Digital?
We are now less than six months away from Making Tax Digital (MTD) becoming a reality. Businesses are at different stages in their preparation for the change but there is another side to this: how well prepared is HMRC?  

Tax relief plan for landlords and tenants not as simple as it sounds
Recently Conservative think tank Onward floated a new idea to tackle the housing crisis. The proposal is that if a private landlord sells a property to a tenant who has lived in it for more than three years there should be a 50 per cent relief from capital gains tax. The tax on the other 50 per cent should be passed to the purchasing tenant. Simple? Not really…

Could an increase in stamp duty for non-UK residents work in practice?
There’s a world of difference between a headline-grabbing announcement and a workable piece of tax law. We look at the issues which have to be addressed if the proposal is to stand any chance of working.

Can retrospective taxation ever be justified?
In an ever-changing tax landscape, some may think that the goal posts move frequently. Despite all these changes taxpayers and businesses adapt and apply the current taxation rates in each year. But what about retrospective taxation, and can this ever be justified?

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