Local professional support - February 2018

Are the foundations of the buy-to-let market being shaken too much?
As the changes to mortgage interest relief for higher and additional rate taxpayers; stamp duty surcharges; and the ban on upfront letting fees all begin to bite, is selling up the right move for landlords?

Inheritance tax: payable by those very much alive
Inheritance tax (or IHT) is wrongly named as it leads to the assumption that someone must have died for the tax to become due. This is not the case and those considering making any substantial gifts should ensure that those gifts won’t result in an immediate charge to IHT.

HMRC urgently needs to clarify penalty policy
HMRC has recently revised its penalty factsheet which appears to impose new penalty arrangements for those wishing to correct historic tax errors. There is an urgent need for HMRC to clarify exactly what the policy now is and to confirm its legal basis.

Cold times ahead with the freeze on indexation allowance for corporates
The measures included within the Autumn Budget to freeze indexation from 1 January 2018 for corporate entities received little press coverage. But what is the impact and why wasn’t there a greater reaction?