Local professional support - August 2019

Changes to electric car taxation are just tinkering under the bonnet
A new Treasury announcement has set out details of the benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax rates for company car drivers who choose an emissions-free electric model. But are these measures sufficient to encourage drivers and fleets to use their cars in the most environmentally-friendly way?

Employment Allowance: stealthy removal or Brexit planning?
In the ever-changing landscape of employment allowance, changes could mean over a million firms will be paying more towards their employer’s national insurance contributions (NICs) from April 2020. Will the latest changes bring clarity; or further complexity, greater confusion and as a result reduced take-up?

Could the new tax treatment for low emission vehicles unlock pent up demand?
In July the National Infrastructure Commission released information on the Charge up Britain campaign, covering the infrastructure for the electrification of transport. EVs are seen as playing an important part in creating a low carbon future for the country, which in view of the recently passed net zero emissions law makes them even more vital.

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