What can we expect from the forthcoming Autumn Statement?

09 November 2016

George Bull 

As ever, RSM’s team of tax experts will be working hard on the day to assimilate, analyse and interpret the Chancellor’s tax announcements so that we can help you answer that all important question ‘so what?’ Next week, we will be publishing our predictions along with arrangements for providing support to the media before, on and after the statement.

For now, we’ve been taking a high-level look at the overall shape of the tax measures which are likely to feature in the Autumn Statement.

What we know

Based on HMRC consultations, Treasury statements and other announcements, we’ve identified almost 30 tax measures which we are confident will feature in the statement. These will affect companies, employers and private individuals. It’s difficult to remember a time when so much of the paperwork in the Chancellor’s famous red briefcase was so certain!

What we expect

With a strong emphasis on private clients, VAT and tax administration, careful analysis by our tax experts has identified around 15 other changes which we expect to be announced. We are still working on these and will publish our considered views on them next week.

What else might be announced?

Finally we come to the tax changes which might be announced either as sweeteners or to block loopholes. This is where tax might begin to look more like a dark art than a regular feature of ordinary daily life. Again, depending on what survives our critical analysis, we will let you have our latest and best thinking on these areas next week.

As they say, watch this space…

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