Weekly tax brief - 22 June 2016

VAT landscape proves unyielding terrain for Friends of the Earth

22 June 2016

Generating a steady stream of donations is the lifeblood of every charity, but whether VAT on underlying costs is recoverable may depend on the original ‘chugging’ pitch.

While kids just want to have fun, parents pick up the VAT costs

22 June 2016

Keeping kids amused and occupied in the school holidays can be stressful for parents, particularly in the summer break. This has led many parents to turn to holiday camps, but they’re not cheap, particularly when you add on the VAT.

On top of your reporting requirements? Don't miss the 6 July deadline

22 June 2016

Share schemes provide a real incentive for staff to perform and contribute to the future growth of the business as they have a vested interest in its success. But with only two weeks until the online return deadline, are businesses on top of their reporting requirements?