Weekly tax brief - 17 March 2016

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments…

Who’s tougher on tax avoidance – Labour or Conservatives?

17 March 2016

The fact that the question can – or has – to be asked reflects the roles which successive governments play in contributing to the design of the tax system in the UK. So how does that design look now? And which party is tougher on tax avoidance?

If you’re a tax inspector, what’s not to like about property

17 March 2016

Tax authorities love property. You can see it, value it and send tax demands to the occupiers. It was therefore no surprise that in his Budget 2016 speech, after years spent increasing the tax yield from residential property, the Chancellor turned his attention to commercial property.

Unmoved by the capital gains tax reduction? You are not alone

17 March 2016

It came as quite a surprise that the chancellor chose to reduce rather than increase CGT, but if you strip out the exemptions to these lower rates, the ‘giveaway’ is not quite as generous as it first seems.

VAT changes for eBay and Amazon sellers

17 March 2016

HMRC introduces plans to tackle online retailer VAT avoidance which risk victimising the innocent, but are such measures required at all?