Offshore Messenger - January 2016

Offshore messenger continues to highlight the key areas to assist offshore trustees, company directors and related professionals whose clients have UK connections.

Non-dom changes: work-in-progress

25 January 2016

The new deemed domicile rules for 15 year resident non-doms are a work-in-progress with the UK government taking time to consider the tax implications carefully.

Taxing trust benefits - some simplicity or more complexity?

25 January 2016

As the UK Government considers further the taxation of overseas trusts for non-doms, will we see some simplicity or more complexity post April 2017?

WOT, no structured UK disclosure facility?

25 January 2016

Nearly, but not quite, the end of UK tax disclosure facilities with beneficial terms, as we await the last chance saloon.

An alternative way forward?

25 January 2016

With HMRC’s increasing focus on non-compliance, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers a confidential and time-efficient way to resolve a tax dispute, including those involving overseas issues.