Building change management

22 August 2017

Identifying areas where savings and efficiencies can be made within the NHS is only part of the battle. Having the capacity and the capability to implement and see through large-scale change and transformation is fundamental to reducing costs and creating efficient, high-quality and sustainable services.

Given the NHS’ complexity, implementing change is rarely straightforward. While the sector is now focused on results, there are many different factors that can have both a positive and negative impact on an organisation’s ability to see through change, all of which need to be considered as well.

Our organisational transformation team work side-by-side with the sector, helping them navigate large- scale change projects.

Some examples of our work within the sector include:

  • QIPP identification, design and PID development for additional £12m (on £200m budget) saving for London CCG;
  • design and development of a transformational plan enabling the delivery of a £50m financial saving programme, over two years, with an integrated PMO plan for a large acute NHS Trust;
  • Right Care Transformation programme design and delivery including development of Transformational Strategic Plan (TSP); Portfolio Management Office support and development to implement project schemes for an acute Trust;
  • full validation audit of the top 100 TSP schemes by value. Reviewing PIDs, Plans and Benefits identified; carrying out a triangulation exercise with finance, project lead and PMO for a large acute NHS Trust;
  • identification of £60m savings (staffing, building and running costs) as part of a major Teaching Hospital’s redesign;
  • supporting the regional collaboration of CCGs central support team through development of the business cases and wider financial information for sector-wide hospital redevelopment programme; and
  • QIPP validation and gap identification, PMO implementation and supporting the Trust to deliver £6.3m in year one at an integrated care organisation

Our approach to helping organisations to deliver savings effectively is split into three phases outlined in figure 1. Download the full report.