Are you paying the right amount of Apprenticeship Levy?

The Apprenticeship Levy was introduced in 2017 for all employers in every sector. It is charged at 0.5 per cent of an organisation’s wage bill, and collected by HMRC. Often viewed as an extra tax, and therefore sometimes viewed negatively, the levy can cause some confusion.

It is critical that organisations know how to calculate and pay the apprenticeship levy to ensure accurate returns to HMRC. Accuracy is key here as non-compliance can result in funds being withdrawn with very little notice.

This will involve having the right systems, processes and subsequent submissions in place. As well as considering other business practices including reward strategies, salary sacrifice and other national insurance contributions.

For more information on the tax implications, calculations and returns of the Apprenticeship Levy, contact Susan Ball or Andrew Timpson.  

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Download our guide to find out more about the apprenticeship levy. 

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