Contract management training course

A master class in managing contracts and getting best value from third party providers.

Your relationships and contracts with third party suppliers are amongst your organisation’s most valuable assets. Are you equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage them?


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The one day training course will start 10am and finish 5.30pm. Lunch and refreshments throughout the day will be provided.

Training to meet your needs

This course is focused on helping individuals and teams secure the best commercial outcomes for their organisations. Developed by experts who have a strong background in contracting and whole life commercial contract management; the training is designed around best practice methodologies and tools which equip attendees with the means of applying leading industry practice to practical situations. The course material is brought to life with real life experience and current examples.

‘Walter really made me care for how important (and overlooked) contract management is. Was great to have our conventional wisdom challenged. Excellent course.’
Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals

‘Giving specific examples throughout the sessions were really useful to help to demonstrate topics under discussion….very informative and useful.’
Total Produce

Who should attend?

Whether you are a leader dependent on third party contracts for your success; a contract manager looking to improve your effectiveness; a purchasing / procurement specialist wanting to refresh and broaden your skills; a programme manager responsible for delivering a significant project using third parties, then this contract management training will help you get the best out of your contractual relationships.

Questions that this training addresses include:

  • What does best practice contract management look like?
  • How do we identify risk areas and contracts that need more attention?
  • What are the key risks at each stage of a contract’s lifecycle and what can be done to manage these risks?
  • What are the key roles and areas of responsibility?
  • How do we focus our limited resources where they matter and will have best effect?


The one day training costs £325 ex. VAT per attendee. For bookings of three or more attendees we offer a discounted rate of £295 ex. VAT each.

For further information about this course or to discuss your specific needs please contact Walter Akers or download the PDF.

Read our terms and conditions here.

Event details

December 2018


Start date

10.00am - 05 December 2018

End date

5.30pm - 05 December 2018

RSM London
25 Farringdon Street