Build build build? The future of the construction sector and its suppliers

'Build, build, build.’

Earlier this year, the Government set out a vision to invest in and accelerate infrastructure projects across the UK; with the aim to 'build back better, build back greener, build back faster'. In recent months, a variety of subsequent measures have been announced to help and stimulate the construction sector but despite this, the full impact of coronavirus is expected to spell uncertainty for construction businesses and the manufacturers that supply them.

Future order numbers and long-term demand are a major concern for many with shifts in consumer confidence heavily impacting commercial construction. The shutdown of ‘non-essential’ retail has accelerated the shift to consumers buying online and with huge numbers still homeworking, the demand for future city centre retail and office developments is also up for debate. That said, where there is change, there is opportunity and the Government has already promised an affordable homes programme, additional support for the Home Builders Fund to help smaller developers in addition to much larger infrastructure projects. 

But what does all this mean for the future?

This is an opportunity for senior decision makers from both construction businesses and manufacturers that supply into the industry to discuss and share practical advice on how you have been responding to this coronavirus crisis and to discuss the future of the industry. 

Topics for discussion: 

Some of the areas we are sure will be covered can be found below but our expectation is that the conversation will be free flowing amongst the group.

  • Business continuity, funding and preservation of margins – who absorbs the additional cost burden?
  • The impacts on property prices, demand planning, workforce and supply chain.
  • The future - technology and how innovation will be funded.

Date: Thursday 15 October
Time: 12.30-1.30pm

To register your place, please email - we will then send you a diary invitation with log-in details.

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