Our tax service covers five key areas: corporate tax, indirect tax, employer solutions, private clients and tax risk. The service line has grown significantly in recent years, but we’re not finished yet.


Video transcript

In tax at RSM we have five main tax sub-service lines, those are: 

Corporate tax and VAT, the first two, which really both help our business clients to manage tax as a significant business cost.  It’s partly about helping our clients to comply with the requirements of the tax authorities which is a very important issue given the reputational risks attached to getting it wrong – being in the public eye for the wrong reasons. It’s also very important that we help those clients to plan to minimise their liabilities as well, in a permissible way.  

We also have a tax risk business which particularly helps clients to manage tax risks and also helps them if they’re under scrutiny from the tax authorities. 

We also have an employer solutions and a private client service line, and they both help employees (but from the employer solutions side, more an employer) cost from an employment taxes point of view, and our private client business helps business owners and individuals to manage their tax affairs, to keep out of trouble with the tax authorities, and to minimise tax as a personal cost – where that’s possible.   

The environment in which we operate our tax business to the outside world is changing so quickly, we’re seeing developments like Brexit which is going to bring about significant changes to the tax world and how tax operates. That presents great and exciting opportunities for us. The environment in which we operate legally is also changing with the requirement to file information digitally with HMRC, and that’s just the start of a process that’s going to completely change how tax business looks and operates in the next three to five years. 

What I really enjoy about tax at RSM is seeing the business grow and develop significantly. We’ve brought in a number of new partners and really highly skilled people who are the quality that we need to drive our tax business forward in the future. I’ve had the pleasure of being personally involved in many of those appointments and meeting those people, and really seeing how they are going to add value to our tax business.