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Farrah Beveridge

Student Recruitment Advisor

Top tips for graduate programme applicants

As national student resourcing lead at RSM, I look after the recruitment of school leavers, graduates, placements, work shadowing and internships.

I was recently interviewed by ‘All About Finance Careers’ to provide hints and tips when applying for a role at RSM. I hope the below gives you an insight about what to expect during the application and selection process, the array of exciting opportunities we have to offer, what we look for when hiring, and what makes our graduate programme special.

Q: Describe the graduate programme at RSM – what options do people have in terms of specialising, what responsibilities could a new graduate recruit expect to be taking on?

Here at RSM we pride ourselves that our student programmes provide hands on experience from day one. The individual responsibilities will vary depending on what service line you join and the clients you work with.

Q: What support is in place for graduates joining the company?

At RSM we have a robust support network for graduates. Before you join you will be allocated a ‘buddy’, you will probably hear from them before your first day so if you have any questions prior to joining you can ask them. You also get a line manager, who will guide and support you through your workload once you join. In addition to that, you will have an exam training manager to make sure you are prepared for any professional exams you will be taking over the three-year scheme.

Q: Are there any social / extra-curricular activities and events graduate recruits can look forward to?

RSM has a great social culture. We have social committees in most offices who organise departmental or office based events, such as pizza evenings, bowling and theatre trips. We also hold regional sports days each year which are a great way to interact with fellow colleagues from different office locations and service lines.

Q: Can you outline the selection process? How are applicants assessed when wanting to join the programme?

The selection process is as follows:

  • online application;
  • online numerical and verbal tests;
  • video interview; and
  • assessment centre.

What we look for the most is a real passion about joining RSM and the department they have applied to. At the video interview stage, we assess motivation, focus and achievement. The assessment centre involves a group exercise, a manager interview, a partner interview and a partner presentation.

Q: What is RSM looking for most in graduates and how could an applicant demonstrate these?

We are looking for personalities to join RSM to make our workforce more diverse and dynamic for the future. We want people to join the business who are enthusiastic about RSM and the department they are joining and that they are also up for the challenge of a graduate programme, to study for a professional qualification whilst working full time. Potential candidates can demonstrate this on their written application to show they have researched their preferred service line and RSM.

Q: Lastly, why do you think graduates should choose RSM’s programme? What makes it special, and what will they get out of the experience?

RSM is a growing global business, it is an exciting time to join as we are really driving the outlook of the firm. What makes RSM special is our people. Our people are the backbone of building new relationships with clients but also making our working environment a great one.

1. Proofread

Check and check again. If you don’t have time, or have re-read your application several times, ask a family member or friend to go over the answers with you as well.

2. Research

Try not to copy and paste our website on to your application form, but make sure you research not only the company you are applying to but also the position you have applied to.

3. Personalities wanted

Throughout our process, you will have several opportunities to promote yourself. Be different, stand out for the right reasons.

4. Answer the question

Whether this is in application or at interview. Take your time to understand the question and ensure you are answering it in the best way possible.

5. Examples

Think of examples of teamwork, working under pressure and other strengths you might have prior to application/interview.

RSM’s opportunities are open. Visit our website to apply, and please do get in touch with myself or a member of our team if you’d like to learn more. 

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