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Three steps to secure your workforce in uncertain times

  • September 2017
  • 3 minutes
  • Brexit

When political and economic skies are clear, it’s easy to steer your organisation towards its goals. But when winds pick up and clouds descend, it becomes an exhausting task. How do you know if you’re moving in the right direction? And how can you de-risk your position?

In uncertain times, a secure workforce is key. Ensuring your business has the right people in business-critical roles, now and in the future, will help you navigate volatility and jump-start growth when stability returns. Succession planning has become a necessity. 

Succession planning is about spotting high-potential employees and giving them the support and experience they need to move into business-critical roles. In the past, it’s been focused on securing future leadership roles. But with Brexit likely to slow the pipeline of EU workers, it must now be rolled out across the wider organisation. 

The CIPD Labour Market Outlook (Winter 2016-7) says that up to 27 per cent of the 2.26 million EU nationals will think about leaving their organisations or the UK this year. Hospitality, retail, health, social work, agriculture, construction and manufacturing will likely to be the hardest hit. 

As we move towards a post-Brexit world, business must prepare for talent no longer being readily available. How should you start to plan? 

Secure your workforce

There are three key steps that business can take now to secure their position and build a future-fit workforce from the inside out. 

Identify the key positions you cannot do without

This could be a handful of roles, a whole department or a type of employee, such as a casual or seasonal worker. By knowing this now, you can establish your risk level, and create a strategy to overcome it. 

Understand what skills, knowledge and expertise you need to fulfil objectives

Consider if this can this be taught to key individuals. If it can, focus on training and development and agree the investment this will need to succeed. Alternatively, do you need to develop a better recruitment strategy? 

Know what motivates your employees

As the demand for labour skyrockets, you’ll need to position your business as an employer of choice. Find out what motivates your staff and those in your sector. This will allow you to attract and keep the best people, and help you fulfil your succession plan. Is salary the biggest motivator or are employees more concerned with their working conditions or perks? 

RSM HR helps organisations understand the skills they need and how they can attract, keep and develop their people. Our specialists will help you uncover risks, develop action plans and support you through uncertain times.

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